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Noun (plural \travelogues\)
1. A description of someone's travels, given in the form of narrative, public lecture, slide show or motion picture.
2. A travel journal, also called road journal or travelogue, is a record made by a voyager. Generally in diary form, a travel journal contains descriptions of the traveler's experiences, is normally written during the course of the journey, and may or may not be intended for publishing.

Phrase (read \'three-for-one'\)
1. Where the journeys of three become one.
2. Where one place represents the bonds of three.

A resting place, a welcoming home, a shared travel log for the three of us...
1. A commemmoration to our beautiful friendship; a witness to our exciting futures; a platform to tell the stories of new places and people we'll be meeting.
2. Because we have one another in our hearts, Travelogue341 is born.

Welcome to Travelogue341! We hope you enjoy our journeys as much as we do :)



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Sunday, October 30, 2011

it's been a while :) I have wondered if people do wonder what happened to this blog of us three. Are we still "together" in a sense? Are we still travelling and busy living our lives to the fullest?

The answer is yes. We are still very much "together" in an odd sense of "togetherness". Thanks to facebook and whatsapp, we are still having a great time with each other's silliness. It's tough, I admit. Especially when Ferina and Ruam have the odd habit of asking me how the other person has been doing in stead of setting a date or a time or just say HI and ask one another directly -.-" No, they are not fighting or whatsoever, it's just who they are :) and I have nothing to complain about.

To cut the story short, Fer and I reunite after a decade of separation -.-" just kidding, we just met each other again during the summer. She came to see me in Seoul, Korea from Japan while I was working as a teacher there, coming from Ashland, OR, USA. It's amazing how the world is tiny. It's amazing how love and friendship has the power to bring people together. It's never the distance, it's never about look at each other and carefully walk onward. It's more of less all about looking at the same direction.

so here for your entertainment, part 1 of many, Fer and Linh in Seoul - the journey of 2 silly girls

first meal together :) after Fer's half-ass hug for me @the subway station -.-"

 @Hongdae, Coffee Prince - a high price for being fan-girls

with JinSol <3 Fer's friend and now mine, an amazing host of Seoul 

There are still a lot of shots to be shared. Just a little bit first :) Don't u miss us after all?

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